I prepare for CEO to get down on the earth decisively.  At first I decide so that I want to avoid depending on him from oneself.  However, I decide to get down near him.  I do not want to depend on him to the limit.  However,  I do so first of all without it having possibilities to be said that there is not......it absolutely.  ☆郷に入れば郷に従えの格言通り、彼の近くに位置を決定します。ぎりぎりまで彼に助けを求めたくはない自分はいてしかし、それが全く起らないとは言えず、CEOは自分の将来をこの部下に委ねます。神の国では不老不死でも、地球に降りた途端、時間は砂時計になるのです☆